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Fuseboard Upgrades/ RCD Protection

Install a new metal board with essential RCD protection, this is a necessay condition according to the new wiring regulations

BS7671:2018 is the latest edition of the wiring regulations. The most notable points from a consumer's point of view are that now all domestic circuits must have RCD protection and consumer units, or "fuseboards" as they are commonly called, should now be made of non-combustible material.

An RCD works by measuring the amount of current entering a circuit against the amount returning from it. They are super sensitive and can detect small leakages of potentially dangerous currents and shut off the associated circuits almost instantaneously. Put simply, if a person touched a live part, the amount of time they would receive a shock is cut so short that minimal damage is received. They are considered to be much safer than using an old fuse cartridge or modern circuit breaker.

Of course, a landlord should make sure that these conditions are met to ensure their tenants are safe and to make sure they comply with legislation. However, the level of safety provided by having an electrician simply meet these two requirements for you cannot be overstated. It could mean the difference between life and death in the event of an electrical fault. So it is advisable that any homeowner with an outdated electrical system should consider upgrading their fuseboard.

This is done very simply and can be retrofitted with any system, even old ones! The prices can vary but are usually around £380-£500. The price can rise if there are more circuits than usual, or if the electrician must extend any short cables. This price will include materials , testing and certification. 

Electrical Installation Condition Report

An MOT of your electrical systems and a full report of any defects and dangers.

An EICR, sometimes called a "Landlord's Certificate", consists of visual inspections and some testing of the electrical system in use. It can help determine if any electrical work, or "remedials", need to be done to bring the property up to standard. They must be carried out at periodic intervals, after damge to the property, such as flooding, or when a new tenant moves in.

Of course, any property owner can order one at any time if they have any concerns over electrical safety in their home and they are often a good place to start if you want to improve an old system without engaging in major rewiring work.

They are charged at £140 for 8 or less circuits and £20 per extra circuit.

Repair work and Fault Finding

Diagnosis of any problems with your electrics and subsequent repair or replacement

Fault finding and repair work involves a series of logical steps, using various tools, to identify the cause behind something not working.

Every situation is different and no attempt will be made to diagnose over the phone. 

Most of the time, a diagnosis and repair is carried out within an hour or so. However, if a quick fix is not available, a quote for any future work will be given on the day the callout is carried out.

Pricing is £65 callout and this will cover you for your first hour. The callout fee is charged regardless of whether the problem is solved in 1 minute or 59 minutes. After this, the charge is £15 per 15 minute increment.

Minor Works

For those small jobs that may be a simple extra socket or light, or maybe you need a new chandelier put up.

Sometimes, small jobs are needed. These are certified via a minor works certificate and could simply involve a new socket or several new lights.

Basically, any addition or alteration to an existing circuit is classed as minor works. Each circuit worked on needs it's own minor works certificate. All certifications are issued through the strict standards of the NICEIC.

Pricing for this type of work will vary and is done on a case-by-case basis. It can be affected by things such as the installation method used and generally a surface mounted system, ie PVC mini trunking will be less expensive than a flush, "chased" system, where the walls are chiseled to allow the cable to be buried within. Of course, the latter is more aesthetically pleasing.


New Installations

Full house rewires, whether refurbishments or new build, expert cabling and install work by your local electrician

New Installs can be the construction of any new circuit or circuits. Full rewires on new build or refurbishment projects can be undertaken by a fully qualified electrician. These are then tested and certified with a new Installation Certificate and building control is notified through the NICEIC's sytems and to their very high standards.

Pricing is done based on the amount of electrical points per circuit, installation methods and materials used ie an upstairs ring mains with 9 socket outlets, wired flush in PVC/PVC with capping and using chrome finish sockets may be around £80 per point, equaling £710. This includes fitting, materials, testing and certification. Please, note, this is an example for demonstration purposes and doesn't amount to a fixed price. Some factors may affect pricing but all quotes given will be subject to being broken down in a similar way to this.

Exterior and Garden Lighting

Set the mood and create your own personal space

Few things can match the serenity and beauty of a nice garden and the feelings of comfort and pride in your familiar slice of nature are well worth reaching out for. 

The methods and materials used are slightly different. Armoured cabling is used in outdoor locations, usually encased in PVC flexible conduits. The armouring protects against mechanical damage and stops animals chewing through them and the flexible tubes slow down the corrosion of the cables. Waterproof, exterior boxes are used to house the electrical connections.

If outdoor power is needed there are methods available to provide a specially enclosed socket outlet too.

Pricing is done on a case-by-case basis.



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