LOP Electrical: Terms and Conditions

Booking a job and cancellations


When booking in a job with LOP Electrical, you agree to be bound to the terms and conditions of service, which is laid out here.

Bear in mind that a slot will be allocated to you, the client and any other potential clients will not be given this slot. For this reason, at least 72 hours notice must be given if you need to cancel for any reason. Otherwise, a cancellation fee may be charged.

If any materials have been bought on your behalf, then you will be charged a handling fee for them, regardless of when the cancellation is made. In the event that LOP Electrical cannot obtain a refund for these materials, the full amount will be chargeable to you, the client. It then becomes the responsibility of you, the client, to collect said materials if you would like to use them in future.

When an engineer arrives at the agreed location, please ensure that the area is accessible and in a relatively tidy state. If the area is not workable, then you may be charged a callout fee and the engineer may leave without completing the job.

Regarding fault finding callouts

If LOP Electrical receives a call from a client stating that something does not work, this will be classed as a fault finding job and will be subject to a callout fee. 

It differs to other jobs in that, before a price can be given for a repair, the problem must be diagnosed in order to work out how to safely and correctly remedy the problem.

LOP Electrical will endeavor to fix the fault there and then, however, this will not always be possible. If the fault is fixed, you will be charged for any materials that are used and billed for the time spent on site.

Callouts are charged regardless of whether the engineer is there for one minute or fifty nine minutes, and are also charged if the problem cannot be fixed there and then. Remember, you are paying for the diagnosis first and foremost.

Regarding payment

Payment is due immediately upon completion of the job, by BACS, unless otherwise stated in writing.

With larger installations that are expected to take longer than a week, an agreement must be reached, before the job commences, that allows for regular payments throughout the course of the job.

Regarding making good after work

LOP Electrical will endeavor to work as carefully as possible, in order to reduce the risk of damage to walls, ceilings, floors and any of the general area around any worksites we are contracted to work on. However, sometimes damage is inevitable for a number of reasons. LOP Electrical will accept no liability for any making good, decoration, repair or any kind of work to the walls, ceilings, floors or general area around any worksites we are contracted to work on. We will install the electrical items needed for the installation, it is then the responsibility of the client to order any making good of the area.




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