My Best Work

CMI Data Centre

This project is currently ongoing, and we are about to enter the next phase, involving producing all of the containment and power for new data halls. I feel at home working with metal containment and can't wait to sink my teeth into this one!


Priory Lane, Roehampton Gate

I can't say I enjoyed this one. It was poorly designed in my opinion and made life rather difficult. I was bought in halfway through the project to help push it over the line.What i liked about it, though, was how much improvisation was required, causing me to draw on all the skills I had learnt and testing my ability to adapt.
The picture shows some of the unorthodox containment that was required

Twickenham Rugby Stadium

Another job I really enjoyed. I helped out with all of the containment for the CCTV systems throughout this prestigious stadium, which was a source of growth for my skills, as the specifications were high and the finish had to be immaculate.
I'm most proud of the new turnstile gate that I helped install. I was put in command of some agency lads and had to modify a large set of cable jacks from pallets and conduit to wire around 90 data points.
It was fun to integrate modern technology into this classic masterpiece.



This was a very successful project. It was a while ago, but one of the largest I've been on.
|I spent the best part of a year wiring up a selection of hotel rooms from the 190 or so rooms that this grand hotel has to offer.
We then ran large power cables up the floors, as seen in this photo, and made off all of the sub boards.
When I see this hotel in passing, I feel a lot of pride at my contribution to it.


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